UFO,Alien, Mysteries, paranormal and inexplicable phenomena.Videos.

4,146 ViewsWe fear things that our rational minds cannot explain. Most paranormal phenomena fall into this category. But don’t we like fear? After all, we seek out the macabre in movies and books to deliberately frighten ourselves. Fear makes us feel really alive, and with extreme fear our brains shift into “fight or flight.” Then our eyes widen, our hearts begin to beat faster, and all we want to do is run and escape…all the while, we are safely tucked in bed just reading on our tablets or watching a…

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Anunnaki and Christianity. VIdeo.

2,923 ViewsFish, symbol “Christianity” discovered in the tomb Anunnaki Age 12 000 years Secretive grave finds older than Egypt, but as in Egypt Let’s look at this report as the finds, as throw them all overboard Egyptology as well as the Sumerian archaeological associations of University Research. HOWEVER, They confirm the non-university research, the know long, the Sumerians were before the Flood on the earth and are the descendants of the SHU MER, the people of Shu, who came from the ocean on the earth. So is the indication, thesis…

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Crop Circles and the Music of the Spheres – Crop Circles Created Sound? (Video)

4,803 ViewsCrop Circles: hieroglyphics GODS In connection with crop circles generally I encounter three questions: Why are most occur in southern England? How formed? Who or what is their author? From a purely physical standpoint, the apparent condition of their more frequent formation of strong magnetic fields generated by bearings with paramagnetic (+) and diamagnetic (-) elements, and not just ferromagnetism-bound iron. Of these magnetic properties of elements already coming Rudolf Steiner even when used psychoenergetic own terminology: strongly paramagnetic (+) Calcium property described as “concupiscence”, while the diamagnetic silicon…

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Sacred geometry is the basic language of the universe.

2,013 ViewsAccording to simple rules of sacred geometry, all visible and invisible reality is created and arranged. Cell division in mitosis, arrangement of atoms, molecules and elements, orbit planets, galaxies, snail shells or rose flowers. When we study the sacred geometry, our brain hemispheres begin to interconnect. The right brain hemisphere, attributed to intuition and creativity, simply registers and perceives the reality here and now as it is. The left brain hemisphere analyzes in time and space, distinguishes yesterday today and tomorrow, and also good and bad. Understanding and perceiving…

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