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Ancient secret of alchemy: 22 colored plates of Splendor Solis


The 22 Colored Plates depicting the 22 Alchemical Stages of Salomon Trismosin’s “Splendor Solis”. The original manuscript of these plates is in the British Museum, and dated 1582.

The original of Splendor Solis which contained seven chapters appeared in Augsburg. The author of the manuscript was considered to be a legendary Salmon Trismosin, allegedly the teacher of Paracelsus.

The symbolic process shows the classical alchemical death and rebirth of the king, and incorporates a series of seven flasks, each associated with one of the planets. Within the flasks is shown the process of transformation. There are animal symbols, birds, King and Queen, the red and the white tincture.

The Arms of the art

Philosopher with flask

The Knight on the double fountain

Solar King and Lunar Queen meet

Miners excavating hill

 Philosophers beside tree

Drowning King

Resurrection out of the swamp

Hermaphrodite with egg

Severing the head of the King

Boiling the body in the vessel

Saturn – Dragon and child

Jupiter – Three birds

Mars – Triple-headed bird

Sun – Triple-headed dragon

Venus – Peacock’s Tail

Mercury – The White Queen

Moon – The Red King

The dark sun

Children at play

Women washing clothes

Sun rising over the city

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