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Mysterious Sibyl, who knew the future-Sibylline prophecy!


Sibylline prophecy

Prophecies always been excited about humanity. If you can open up its window to the future and is somewhere determined what should happen, does not only exist in this world and life, but there is something more than a concrete reality. Sibyline most prophecies are summarized under the name Sibyline prophecies, while Sibyl was more and in different regions, such as Delphic Sybil, Persian, Tiburtinská, etc.

Legend claims that the court of a Roman king Tarquinia came one day an old woman. She did not know that it’s famous Kumskov Sibyl and the Emperor brought nine books. She offered them to him at great cost, saying that the book contains a series of divine wisdom and prophecy of things to come. When the king did not want to give so much money for the proposed book and laughed at her, he threw the woman three of them into the fire without saying a word. The next day she came over and offered the king the remaining six books at no extra cost. King thought that would be considered a fool if now given six books as much as the old woman the day before asked for all nine. Hence i refused a second time and she again threw three books into the fire and left.

It was no longer the king to laugh and when she came Sibyl again, it paid for the remaining three books amount for which they could have all nine. Later, when the fire burned the Capitol, Senate but who are at serious matters we turn right at them, he gave collect prophecies and sayings scattered mainly in the Greek settlements in Asia Minor, Sicily and southern Italy and drew up a new book. Even if they are only a torso of the original books are interesting, challenging and timeless.

Part of the Sibyl’s prophecy has been preserved despite the strict censorship prevented in many countries their knižné issue. Disable reading these prophecies issue monarchs certainly also to preserve the inheritance of the throne for his family. This was mainly because the Sibyl predicted except inventions, discoveries, cars, aircraft and submarine vessels and the liberation of serfs, the fall of major empires and royal families.

Especially the older generation remembers the many statements attributed to Sibyl, Queen of Sheba. According to some Sibyline prophecies they are only a set of myths, legends, opinions, ponášok the Bible and morals lessons from different eras. According to others, they contain revealed truth, the desire for a better intellectual life of an individual and a warning for the future, not just best if a person is intrinsically morally neobrodí.According Sibyl Lord warns people twelve times (12 signs). Let us look at an excerpt from Sybiliných prophecies:

First sign:
* Large frosts, flower grain freezes, they will not thrashing of trees and forests in frost grayheaded; gardens, ponds freeze.
* Young people will die prematurely,
* Sabbath will only ridicule, because work is hard work then will.

Second sign:
* The wives will cheat on their husbands, and they also will not be better!
* And when young people will be a short time to live together, get tired of it and leave their own.
* When it comes to describing the people to know how much of the world in which people work is

Third Sign:

* Humanity has created various instruments, which are to this day no one even dreamed of.
* The mysterious box from which sounds will be based
* The whole earth shall be full of wire and iron.
* People will ride on the ground, below ground and in the air
* No distance is not great
* Houses will be built to unprecedented heights
* It is to produce light and heat from the water
* Capture flash to its power to your advantage advantage
* All the conquered: wind, sun, water
* The people will be wicked and arrogant
* I created a war that will last a long time, and attended by many people from the east and west sun. Earth occurs in the middle of terrible bloodshed and many people will die

The fourth sign:
* Little cows will give milk, chickens carrying eggs and little meat pigeons and turkeys will be disgusting

Fifth sign:
* Lie the truth
* At that time knows fellow countryman and will think that it is non-resident, because at that time people will wear different costumes, invented by the devil himself.
* A way with the estate, as well as by the common people will exalt one above the other, each will feel more than the other, and landlords will not stand against this evil, because they will cause themselves

* Hypocrisy will between spouses and brothers.
* There will be more disingenuous than sincerity.
* Only those who have money will be considered a person, even one who will have a baby, will be regarded as wise, though unjustly.

Sign of the sixth:
* Housing prices are high and land
* Working man will not be able to acquire any property.
* Land and buildings are only in the hands of great masters.
* There was a mighty change of clothing, so that many will not know how to walk: women will have a head like an owl framed by the eyes or the hair will not see. Will walk half naked, wanted to please and does not recognize the servant of the Lord, or who is a mistress who handmaid
* Many do not have bread, and yet boots to fashion will wear.
* Women will wear men’s clothes and all kinds of helmets on the head, many of them will wear boots and others are dead birds on their hats.
* Hair will be short, nakotúčkované every year otherwise they will wear and fashions are fickle and unstable. So beautiful and prurience will reign throughout the world.
* Young people between 14 and 15 will get married and get married and married and married for a short time of living together can be a divorce because one or the other party will be dissatisfied.

The seventh sign:
* When the old forests will vyrúbavať when Limits and eels will not, because everywhere will want to have people benefit; of fallow land and the limits
* When fields are no Birdies, when the bread will be expensive and will become an expensive delicacy
* Then compatriot had risen from the tomb, known by his compatriot and would not say that his descendants. A woman shall countless in their actions; many of which will be issued as a virgin, even though long since lost her virginity, so the lad will carry a bouquet in hand, which long ago Ovadia

The eighth sign:
* It will be a sign to warn, because at the time they become big changes in money
* The money that will be valuable today, tomorrow will not cost any
* There will be then a very great misery among the poor and rich people
* Greater Dane arrives, so craftsmen and farmers will be half of the proceeds from their pay
* And it is that people will flee from handicrafts and the night will leave those that did not have to work for others

Ninth sign:
* When will entertain during post a hold dancing and having fun, drinking fountains and various orgy
* When the whole night will revel and dance half-naked women when they

Tenth sign:
* Sedliak the fruits of the earth tricked out from under the snow
* A place in many places hay snow will be brought home
* And when many peasants did not live solstice, but they died of starvation

The eleventh sign:
* Add locusts, as once in Egypt, all of which destroyed what still remains, and when the grain will be imported from other countries.
* Then nearly half of Europe will be agonized hunger and dire poverty suffer

The twelfth sign:
* When locusts pulled back far to the west, which destroyed all the vineyards.
* After some time elapsed, but in vain. People leaving their impious life.
* Discover the various stars that shine over the country to warn the people. But even this will be in vain!
* If you get a variety of strength that will move when the ship that floated on the water, they can swim under water!
* When the unit as a metal birds will fly and bring the enemy death.

So let us think about what’s in it already happened? And what does the LORD twelve warnings?

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