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UFO,Alien, Mysteries, paranormal and inexplicable phenomena.Videos.


We fear things that our rational minds cannot explain. Most paranormal phenomena fall into this category. But don’t we like fear? After all, we seek out the macabre in movies and books to deliberately frighten ourselves. Fear makes us feel really alive, and with extreme fear our brains shift into “fight or flight.” Then our eyes widen, our hearts begin to beat faster, and all we want to do is run and escape…all the while, we are safely tucked in bed just reading on our tablets or watching a horror flick.

Paranormal phenomena fascinates us. Things that we cannot understand that are metaphysical in nature suggest a strange world that we can sometimes perceive but cannot prove. In the paranormal realm there are ghosts and goblins, devils and angels, poltergeists and fairies, and even aliens. So many people have had encounters with these beings; is everyone crazy?

Or perhaps there is some truth to the existence of an intangible, fleeting dimension. The Paranormal Phenomena category brings you inexplicable mysteries that will intrigue and perhaps even frighten you. Take your time and browse through our collection and relish the fear.


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