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Do not believe in the afterlife? You should ….


The existence of post-mortem life is one of the greatest mysteries ever since the beginning of human history. A satisfactory answer to the question of whether something is waiting for a person after he dies, probably does not exist. However, people who have survived the condition of clinical death will agree on one. When the heart stops beating, it is not just a great emptiness and the definitive end of being.

Opinions on whether there is life after death vary. Since ancient times, different cultures have wondered whether human existence has died out completely, whether one is reeling and starting to live a new life or meeting heaven with his neighbors. The Quora British Discussion Server has asked its members forever the question: “What is it like when a person dies?”

Discussion thread attracted many people who shared one. Everyone survived the so-called clinical death when their hearts stopped beating and after some time they managed to resuscitate doctors. Their feelings as it happens when one dies different, but everyone agrees to one. Dead human existence does not end.

“I felt completely happy, calm and confident. There is no word that would fully describe the feeling when one is dying. I do not believe in reincarnation, but there will be something in the afterlife, “writes Megan.

Another debater, Vera, describes how she almost died of carbon dioxide poisoning when she lived with her mother in the former Soviet Union at age 11. “I felt I was dying. Gradually it seemed to have turned off my body, I wanted to scream for help, but I could not. My heart exploded and then it was completely silent. I felt buzzing in my head, and it was as if a sharp stab had stopped, “Vera depicts the feeling of dying.

“Then I felt like gravity ceased to exist. I saw the colorful clouds and galaxies flowing around me. Not far or close. I felt I was going up. I knew I was not alone, though I did not see anyone, I heard the voices. They welcomed me and comforted. There was no time or space, “Vera describes the feelings before he managed to revive the doctors after about 10 minutes of clinical death.

Similar feelings like Megan and Vera were also experienced by Scott, who was in a state of clinical death during surgery. “There was nothing, just tremendous peace and peace. No pain and no worries. Then I do not remember anything because they have revived me. Anyway, I hope that when I die definitively, it will be an equally enjoyable experience, “writes Scott.

The fact that feelings during dying may not always be pleasant, he knows his Aaron, who almost died after a car crash. “I knew it was over. I felt I was no longer in my body. And what I felt most of all was sadness. I knew my mother’s efforts were being followed by my mother, “Aaron describes his experience.

“I was disappointed. The fact that I could not say goodbye to my mother, that I did not get what I wanted in my life. I was doing it, but it filled me with emptiness. Now I’m trying to live up to this experience, “Aaron says.

The experience that Dea Dea confided to is probably the closest to the classic idea of ​​dying. “In the darkness, a mountain of dazzling light stood. After that, people tried to climb. I knew they were dead and I too. I went after them. Suddenly my cousin, who had been for a long time after death, told me to tell me to come back, “he remembers Dea’s afterlife.

“Deanne, it’s not your time. You have to come back, my cousin said. The full name of Deanne was told by few people when I was still small and he was one of them. Then I fell down and knew I was back on the operating table. Pain and normal feelings returned. Before I ceased to perceive, I heard only one of the doctors rejoicing that they had managed to save me, “adds Dea.

How it is with the post-mortem life we ​​all sooner or later learn. Unfortunately, unlike those who survive our own clinical death, we will not be able to tell anyone. All he has to do is wait for everyone to wait for what he wants at the end of his life.

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